Dhani jones dating

He began practicing his kickboxing game when guided by Former World Champion Mousid Akamrane. His real career started from the year 2005; he showed to the public that he could be one of the exceptional player of the future collecting many fans in the process by his outstanding contribution in the kickboxing game.Playing correctly in all seasons of the game, since 2006.In the next two seasons, Dhani recorded 153 additional tackles, before the New York Giants selected him in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft.Jones stayed with the Giants until 2003, when he joined the Philadelphia Eagles as a free agent in 2004, where he was a part of the team which reached Super Bowl XXXIX, but the Eagles lost 21-24.His parents were originally from the city of Kenitra, Morocco he is also 32 years of age now, nationality being Dutch / Moroccan and his ethnicity is most likely Middle Eastern.Dhani Jones was born on the 22nd February 1978, in San Diego, California USA, and is a retired professional American Football player, who played linebacker in the NFL for the New York Giants (2000–2003), Philadelphia Eagles (2004–2006), and Cincinnati Bengals (2007–2010).More of a fighter than a lover, this sportsman has made it to the traditional round of celebrities as he is rolling in with the fancy place.Badr Hari and his expensive suit, cars and lots of financial back up to keep him continuing to kick box.

Earning most of which from his previous fight in the arena “It’s Showtime & K-1 World GP,” and by endorsing brands like KIA.Not sure when is his next fight going to be, but as of October of 2016, he would be ranked ten heavyweights in the world by Combat Press.With his kickboxing record personally praised by King of Morocco, Mohammed VI.He is not dating anyone currently, mainly focused on his career nor does he have the plan to get married anytime soon as his daughter and his profession always comes first.Rumors about him made by fans or hate emails may have slurred that he might be gay which by assumptions are wrong.

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