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Make memorial contributions to: Little People of America - Billy Barty Memorial Adoption Fund.

Noodles in UHF, died on the same day as Victor Borge. IBDB IMDb Obituary Find AGrave (civil rights leader) -- Dead.

Many books and stories, including Humboldt's Gift, Mr.

IMDb Obituary Find AGrave (the world's second oldest person for a few years) -- Dead.

Probably best-heard as Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, married to Alley Mills, another '60s regular game show panelist, and, ironically, went to the same high school as fellow panelist Peggy Cass.

" for many Superman cartoons, died on the same day as Francis Crick and Eugene Roche.

Little Rock resident who led desegregation efforts and helped the students who went to integrate the high school in 1957.

Huge star on radio and in the early days of television, was supposed to have starred in The Sunshine Boys but died just before shooting began, married to frequent co-star Mary Livingstone, IRL very generous with his money.

While not strictly the creator of Nancy Drew, Benson wrote 50 of the early books, wrote newspaper columns for 58 years and was at work the day she died.

Empire of the Sun (novel/movie based on his life in a Japanese internment camp) and A User's Guide to the Millennium among many others.

Robinson in The Graduate, won an Oscar for playing Annie Sullivan in The Miracle Worker, died on the same day as Dana Elcar.

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