Some restaurants serve their own unique clam chowders that do not fall into any specific categories.Best Carrot Cake Recipe You are going to love this incredibly soft, light and moist Carrot Cake with its ultra-creamy orange zest cream cheese frosting!Rhode Island clam (red) chowder is served principally and especially at long-established New England restaurants and hotels.A secondary Rhode Island clam chowder has a clear broth and be found commonly along a stretch of the south coast of New England from eastern Connecticut to southwestern Rhode Island.Other vegetables are not typically used, but small carrot strips or a garnish of parsley might occasionally be added primarily for color.A garnish of bay leaves adds both color and flavor.New England clam chowder is usually accompanied by oyster crackers.Crown Pilot Crackers were a popular brand of cracker to accompany chowder, until the product was discontinued in 2008.

So the other night I made this for dinner as our appitizer. I've tried a few others test but this will be our keeper. So the other night I made this for dinner as our appitizer. I've tried a few others test but this will be our keeper.

The origins of traditional Rhode Island clam chowder are reportedly Portuguese immigrants in Rhode Island dating back over a century.

This recipe has been served for decades with clamcakes at memorable establishments like Rocky Point and Crescent Park.

The dish originated in the Eastern United States, but is now commonly served in restaurants throughout the country, particularly on Fridays when American Catholics traditionally abstained from meat.

Many regional variations exist, but the two most prevalent are New England or "white" clam chowder and Rhode Island / Manhattan or "red" clam chowder.

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