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Boris on the saturday shift and didn't answer my question about the horse on last set of photos, i don't think Boris has checked which country i've said i'm from as getting a visa/paperwork/passport is easier said than done from: Elena date: Sat, Oct 12, 2013 at PM subject: Hello!!! I also ask you to write more about yourself, your life and your family. We will arrange some points with those kindergartens where I will possibly work. I will come to you and we together will think about it. I want to write more about my plans for the future. They have been offering me to go to your country for a long time. I think he will not be against it and will be glad with my decision. The Director has been advising me to go for a long time. I wished to answer a call, but phone has slipped out from my hands and has fallen to asphalt. Not only writing letters is important for me but also having a real conversation. I am waiting impatiently for your letter and will surely reply! IP Address: 86.1 Organization: Orange City: Peymeinade Country of Origin: France My director has called to me, when I hurried for work. I think you have understood the reason of my letter. Soon I will be able to go to your country and work in a kindergarten. And I hope you will patient enough to read this big letter from an unknown girl from Russia.

In my first letter I wrote about the opportunity to visit your country. Found this in my spam emails, i don't know her from any sites and we would be on first name terms. It is possible I will visit your country soon and I made my mind to get acquainted with a person from your country. I have never been abroad and I don't have friends outside Russia. I did search but if she's already known on these pages then moderators feel free to merge the thread from: [email protected]: Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at PM subject: Helloooooo my new friend Im Elena My age 28 years old. I want to find a strong (man|a boyfriend} for relations. I am a single and want to find someone who will take care and understand me. IP Address: 174.1 Organization: Rackspace Hosting City: San Antonio Country of Origin: United States Info Tracer is a unique background check service that reserches people by EMAIL, NAME or PHONE. Could you please tell me about you, about your lifestyle in the next letter. It is interesting to find out about your family, maybe about your job, friends and hobby. I really hope to see you some day)…And you can give a good advice) . I feel our correspondence is good and it will continue further. My attitude towards them is good and to you good too. I would say that there is some extraterrestrial force between us.

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