Dating wtih terminal disease

That said, I wouldn't trade a minute of the time I spent with him to spare myself anything I have been through.Even knowing the outcome, I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat.You have no idea how much time you have with the ones you love. I would hope that he wouldn't want another child to suffer the way he has..a matter of fact, I know he wouldn't or he wouldn't be the guy I fell in love with :)I love that hypothetical man of mine.*swoon* My brother in law has terminal cancer and he tried to break up with his girlfiend when he found out it had recurred, because he didn't want her to have to go through the horrible process.Would you date/marry someone who you knew would most likely die young?And the end would most likely not be pretty, meaning you could be caring for a very sick person for a very long time, who also has a 95% chance of being infertile.I won't go in to the long list of problems I've had as a result (directly and indirectly) of his death.It has been 7 years, and I still struggle at times with ptsd.

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"Having talked it out in my head (and on paper lol)...yes, if I fell in love with someone with a terminal illness, I wouldn't be hesitant to marry them or have children with them." I think I would feel the same way. As far as the kids thing, I think that would be hard.

What all of us would have to go through, but we can't make decisions based on when we will lose someone, but the joy we will have while we have them.

When I was 21, my fiance died suddenly from an undetected congenital heart defect. I gave him cpr until the paramedics arrived, but he didn't make it.

The doctors believe he will most likely live into his 40s and possibly longer.

I thought this might be an interesting topic for HT.

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