Dating uk car registrations

Danielle Clements, consumer affairs solicitor at Gorvins Solicitors, says that concerns over whether credit is being sold appropriately is one reason would-be buyers are “falling out of love with car finance”.

“In the light of this pending investigation, consumers will certainly have some trepidation about entering into new car finance deals and instead will often consider a range of finance options rather than the once popular use of PCP and car finance.

Christian Grant, a spokesperson on behalf of the research said: 'It’s a match made in heaven.

VW recently became infamous for cheating emissions tests, and it turns out the people who drive their cars aren't averse to a bit of cheating themselves - it's all very fitting.

And 72 per cent of buyers said they had taken the first finance product offered by a single car dealer rather than comparing offers.

Of particular concern was the 45 per cent of drivers who said they had been forced to cut back elsewhere to meet their car repayments.

The research found that nearly two thirds of the men quizzed (61 per cent) believed that having a luxurious car would impress a date, while only 25 per cent of surveyed women cared about their dates’ choice of car.'A car is a statement; your wealth, job status, intelligence – you can gauge a lot about a person just by the car that they drive, so it’s hardly surprising to see that a lot of our members are driving expensive German makes,' Grant added.

He highlighted that 82 per cent of drivers who had recently bought a car on finance had said the purchase was within or below their initial budget.

Now could well be a good time for consumers to change their vehicles before prices rise further,” said Paul Daly, partner at UHY.

The march of the brand new car once seemed unstoppable.

“What’s more, dealers also need to conduct their own reviews to ensure that their sales processes are robust, that staff are properly trained and not incentivised to promote PCPs over other alternatives and that as businesses they are focused on achieving good consumer outcomes.” There is certainly some evidence that buyers are not shopping around to find the most suitable deal.

A survey from the RAC shows that a quarter of drivers didn’t understand the various finance options available to them when they came to an agreement with a dealer or company.

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