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In the 20th century, its prominent role in the village continued as the Red Hill House and the Moultonborough Inn.

Since 1826, the church has sheltered religious and community activities, redefining the center of New London and drawing the center of the village from Summer Street east to its current location.

Members of some of Berlin’s founding families are buried at the Mt. Established about ten years after settlers from Gilead, Maine, moved to the Androscoggin River intervale, this small burial ground is one of only two known family cemeteries in Berlin.

The city opened a public cemetery the following year, followed by a number of cemeteries associated with churches. Senator, and his wife Doloris owned the property from 1946 to 1969, when she bequeathed the house and its contents to the state for use as the governor’s residence. An excellent example of the Greek Revival style, the Samuel R.

Believed to be the oldest extant dwelling in Lebanon, the Dana House documents more than 200 years of changing fortunes, tastes and construction techniques in Lebanon.

The city ensured its preservation in 1988 by moving the Dana House out of the path of development; it is now used as a museum, study house and meeting space.

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