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At this stage of your life, strong feelings of attraction are new, and your first love can be the most intense love, for good or for bad.Because of this intensity, a relationship with the wrong person can lead to problems that you may not know how to handle.It can be hard for pre-teens and teens to know when a dating relationship is unhealthy.How can someone know what is “normal” in a relationship if they haven’t been in one before? Dating abuse can involve a current partner or past partner and can be in-person or digital. Dating abuse affects around one in ten high school students, and it is likely to be underreported.By promoting positive relationship behaviors, teens learn about what they should expect from peers and how they are expected to behave toward peers, in both intimate and friendship relationships.Pre-teens and teens are forming ideas about relationships that can last a lifetime.Alcohol and drugs can and often do play a role in teen dating violence.A person with a substance abuse problem may act more aggressively and become paranoid or angry when under the influence.

Talk to your parents before meeting someone in person, and never go to meet them alone.

Victims are also more likely to become depressed or anxious, use drugs or alcohol, become suicidal, or be abused in future relationships.

Teaching pre-teens and teens about healthy relationships is vital in preventing teen dating violence.

As any parent knows, it can be difficult to communicate with your teen, especially when it comes to a sensitive topic like dating violence.

Perhaps you’re not quite sure what to say, or maybe your teen doesn’t seem to want to talk.

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