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" the Boss says, clinking his glass of vodka against my mug of beer."You must be talking about yourself," I say with Valerian as the interpreter.-Myanmar peace process being destroyed on multiple fronts-North Korea disables nuclear test site, with big bangs for cameras-What China wants from North Korea-No sign yet Kim really intends to denuclearize-China advances, West frets in South Pacific-How China gets what it wants in Myanmar-Why the Trump-Kim talks will fail-North Korea, Myanmar in a sanctions-busting embrace-North Korea eludes coal export ban via Vietnam-Spurned by West, Myanmar's Kachin look to China-Not a border dispute-From hope to despair in Myanmar[more] By Bertil Lintner (3 February, 1996) "In Russia, the brigand is the only true revolutionary.He is a revolutionary without phrases, without bookish rhetoric..brigands of the forests, towns and villages, scattered throughout Russia, together with the brigands confined in the innumerable prisons of the empire - these constitute a single, indivisible, tight-knit world, and in it alone, there has always been revolutionary conspiracy. He also speaks fluent Vietnamese - and that was the why he was hired by the group to which he now belongs: a gang of Russian mobsters who have established themselves in Vietnam.Between 3,000 and 4,000 gangs operate all over Russia, which means that most of them are fairly small, most probably loosely organised and that their activities - as well as members - often overlap.Valerian and his colleagues are a typical example of this phenomenon: a small gang which is engaged in a variety of criminal and legal businesses to survive in today's Russia, a society where the law has little meaning.According to a Bangkok-based diplomat: "There's no shortage of local prostitutes in Bangkok.

Entire Russian quarters have sprung up in the beach resort of Pattaya east of Bangkok. Most of them are small-scale merchants who buy electronics and textiles in Asia and sell them in Russia for a modest profit.

It gives them prestige." The prices they charge - US$ 200-400 as opposed to US$ 20-30 for a Thai girl - contribute to their special value in terms of social status.

The girls are believed to have come to Asia through networks operated by the Russian mafia.

Their company rents out Russian helicopters in Vung Tau, a Vietnamese port and beach resort where many foreign oil companies exploring in the South China Sea are based. Competitors, we can eliminate." He purses his mouth and makes a sudden sweeping movement with his right hand.

They also import diamonds from the mines in Siberia and sell them to the many nouveaux riche in today's Ho Chi Minh City, which has regained its freewheeling lifestyle of the pre-war era. Most Russian criminal organisations use former KGB agents as hitmen, and Valerian's gang is no exception.

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