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They found significant positive correlations between amount of time playing video games and every aspect of creativity measured by Torrance’s Tests, which for some aspects were quite large and which held regardless of the child’s gender or race.

In contrast, they found no significant correlations between creativity and non-gaming computer use.

In a recent article in , Benoit Bediou and his colleagues (2018) reviewed all of the recent research (published since 2000) they could find concerning the cognitive effects of playing action video games.

By now, many dozens of studies have examined psychological correlates of and consequences of video gaming, and, taken as a whole, the results overwhelmingly support the idea that video gaming produces many of the same kinds of benefits as other forms of play. Most of the video gaming research to date has focused on cognition.

, I described the decline in children’s opportunities to play and explore freely that has occurred over the past several decades.

I also presented reasons to believe that this decline is a cause of well-documented declines in mental health (here), empathy (here), and creativity (here) among young people over this same time period.

A general lesson from video games, reported by many gamers themselves, is that persistence pays off.

If you keep trying, using various strategies, you will eventually succeed in meeting your goal within the game.

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