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All of those brutally murdered were members of the Ismaili community - a minority Shi'ite Muslim sect in majority Sunni Pakistan - with the ISIS and Taliban-linked terrorists later declaring they have plans to carry out similar attacks on other Shi'ite groups and Christians 'in the coming days'.

The very next day, his honorable parents, Abdul Rashid (1921-2000) and Rashida Begum (1925-2013) moved to Karachi, Pakistan along with their two little sons Shabbir and his older brother Saeed Ahmed (1945 – 1999). Shabbir Ahmed believes that he has lived a simple and a ordinary life and he is quite contented about it within his heart.“If there were such a thing as ‘reliving in this world’, I would choose to relive the way I have.” Dr.Living with Shabbir and his lovely wife, Farida, he died in Florida in 2000. All her life, she has been an extraordinarily loving, caring and soothing presence for the extended family, friends, neighbors and anyone needing help, or just having the honor of meeting with her. Shabbir married the lovely, gentle and good-natured Farida at the parent’s recommendation in 1971. Shabbir always says “Thanks to Allah for granting us an excellent companionship”.Those who know Farida agree that she is an ideal daughter, sister, wife and mother.

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