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AB 21 Records of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Research Establishment: Harwell: Photograph Albums.These photographs have been merged with those in AB 13 .These photographs have been merged with those originally designated for record series AB 18 and AB 31. Within each sequence photographs arranged alphabetically by ship’s name.

We hold a large number of United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority and predecessors: Nuclear Research Northern Groups: Technical photographs of equipment used at Dounreay and Hunterston, together with report on photography of technical equipment, 1950s to 1980s United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority: Photographs of the London Office.

This series consists of 1326 Beach Survey policy files and beach intelligence reports of the coasts and inland waterways of the British Isles, including a comprehensive survey carried out between 19 (Operation SANDSTONE), compiled by the Naval Intelligence Department (NID) and the Directorate of Intelligence (DI 19).

The files are arranged geographically, covering the west coast of Scotland and outlying islands, then from north to south, the east coast of Scotland and the remainder of the British Isles in a clockwise direction; Northern Ireland, Eire and Jersey are also covered Admiralty and Air Ministry: Naval Aircraft Works, Later Royal Airship Works, Cardington, 1911-1939.

A subseries within this series, comprising 27 pieces, and several further files, provide a variety of photographs of airships, balloons and associated technical equipment and facilities.

Airships emanate from Britain, Germany and the United States.

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