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As with most places during Chinese New Year, make a reservation – and the best time to eat is when they’re serving the lunch menu, as it’s infinitely cheaper.There are numerous walking tours available in the city, but the best one is by Walk in Hong Kong (, a company which enlists the help of locals who live and work in the places they tour around.If you’re keeping things on a budget, wander along the bustling Nathan Road a couple of hours before the beginning of the parade and you’ll still have a great view when it passes by.During Chinese New Year, that famous Hong Kong skyline lights up with neon depictions of the animal whose year we’re entering (expect puppies pouncing across the facades of high-rises in 2018).Islands appear, with boats across the bay and the sight of the skyline behind them.

Having been touted as “the world’s cheapest Michelin starred restaurant”, Tim Ho Wan’s reputation precedes itself.

The best way to experience traditional vegetarian food is by visiting Chi Lin Vegetarian, a restaurant underneath a waterfall tucked away in Nan Lian Garden.

The gardens are on one side of a road, with a temple on the other, and both are worth a visit before tucking into the multi-course veggie menu, which even the meat-eater accompanying me declared “varied and delicious”.

Hong Kong goes all-out – and there’s nothing quite like landing in one of the most fascinating cities in the world and becoming part of the celebrations.

If you’ve made it that far, these are the top 10 ways you should celebrate.

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