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A large quantity of the acerbic letters written by Benjamin Ingham survive him and are in the possession of the Whitaker family in the form of bound letter-books.

They provide an amazing insight into his life, the turbulent history of Sicily and the way that Ingham expanded his extensive business empire.

By 2006, that would be the equivalent to well over £1 billion or possibly even more, depending on the method of valuation used.

In Sicily, he soon branched out in his own right to become one of the richest and most powerful men on the island.

By today’s values, he was a millionaire many times over.

In 1806, at the height of the Napoleonic wars between Britain and France, Ingham moved to Sicily as a representative of the Leeds-based family firm of Ingham Brothers & Co.

after being jilted by the mercenary Anne Brook, probably because he lost all his money in a failed business deal.

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