Dating customs in somalia

Anti-Western attitudes are strong in some parts of Somalia.

Al Shabaab declared its intention to target the current administration following federal elections in February 2017.

Possible terrorist targets include commercial and public areas known to be frequented by foreigners such as hotels, clubs, restaurants, bars, government and foreign interests, embassies, schools, markets and shopping areas, places of worship, transport and transport infrastructure, including airports and aircraft, foreign oil companies, oil infrastructure and oil fields, residential areas, outdoor recreation events, tourist areas and historic sites.

Be particularly vigilant in the lead-up to and during all religious festivals, particularly Ramadan, and days of national significance as militants have used such occasions to mount attacks. More information: Terrorist threat worldwide There is a very high and ongoing threat of kidnapping in all parts of Somalia, including in Puntland and Somaliland. Foreigners, including those of Somali descent, face a continuing very high threat of kidnapping in Somalia.

More information: Kidnapping Somalia was without an effective central government after the overthrow of the Said Barre government in 1991.

Somalia concluded its transitional governance period and installed a new federal government in September 2012.

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