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This is a unique opportunity for avid collectors & dealers of vintage carnival glass to purchase high quality rarer pieces at very reasonable prices. Truly a masterpiece, and no question it is a extremely rare powder blue opal! Compare it to the aqua opal example we have listed just above on this page. No doubt about this beauty being a true powder blue opal.

As we are now both retired, and have come to the realization that we have to downsize our 3000 piece collection. Northwood Hearts & Flowers 6" tall stem compote in powder blue opal!

Super duper iridescent coloring on every piece of this spectacular 7 piece complete ice cream set. Another "killer" investment grade water set with superior iridescent coloring on all well matched pieces. Satin finish colorful iridesence, tumblers well matched. No, this is not the same bowl as shown to the right. No, this isn't a amethyst, this one is a beautiful dark marigold with absolutely superb colorful iridescence. No, you won't find another comparable one for quite awhile!! Sensational collector grade example ready for your collection! Has lots of intense iridescent colors, with electric highlights galore, from top to bottom. There is also one mold line near the bottom of the pitcher. Superlatives only on this "killer investment grade example! You won't find another better one for a long, long time! No issues, except 2 tumblers each have very tiny color spot. Look at the iridescent coloring on this banana boat! In 2012, a five piece amethyst set, undamaged, sold at auction for $ 2300! No damage, but does have the tiniest of mold release marks on the Basketweave pattern on back. Sensational display appearance in that it is multicolored electric on front & plain gold on back!

Yes, it has super outstanding colorful iridescence! You can also see some iridescence wear to the handle, which is normal for a 100 year old piece. Aside from that, they are extremely hard just to find any of these in the marketplace! This is a awesome stunning piece of carnival glass, with a lavish amount of iridescence! In 2010, even a heavily damaged 7 piece set sold for $ 900. Many of these are not that colorful, but this one really is a nice one. You won't find another as good as this one for years to come. The back side is not iridized but with the lavish front side iridescence, you don't even miss the lack of iridescence on the back. Item # 12-455-AL $ 525.00 plus .00 ship Northwood Grape & Cable big 11" ruffled master bowl in electric blue! We still give this a "killer investment example grading. This is a "killer" investment grade example with superb iridizing! The one above photo at the bottom makes it seem like the plate has a bulge at the edging. This is still a super piece and we have it priced accordingly, so don't miss a rare beauty! Northwood Grape & Cable 6 piece complete table set in purple! Item # 09-180-RE $ 230.00 plus ship, there is some glass webbing at various places around the rim teeth.

Obviously, there are many exceptions when it comes to rare pieces, but things like vases, pitchers, bowls, and platters are highly valued.

Search for years to top this gem or simply purchase this sensational example! First of all, we show in our first smaller photo above, a small spot of missing iridescence up near the top rim, just left of the handle. The back side is not iridized & does have three sizable tool indentation marks as shown. Just a little out of balance iridizing with respect to color distribution, but the colors are all beautiful. You just don't find them with this superb iridescent color. We grade this entire set as a "killer" investment grade. It is a nice rare "killer" investment grade example, which has more yellow than purple iridescence. One of these 7 piece undamaged sets sold for $ 3900.00 in the past several years. Super colorful "killer" investment grade example with tons of iridescent coloring! Good luck Item # 12-676-JW $ 750.00 plus $ 30.00 ship! This is a masterpiece "killer" investment grade example with superb iridescent color throughout. Super radium mirror like iridescence with good color throughout the front of this example. No damage & no issues other than the front iridescence has two ruffles iridized in electric gold! Super colorful frontal iridescence which has electric highlights throughout! A once in 5 year find, ready to take center stage in your finest cabinet! Item # 15-185-SK $ 245.00 plus ship only because of this base ring nick and a small scratch on the front near the rim edge. This is a very beautiful Northwood Poppy Show plate with superb iridescent coloring. Very scarce to find a complete mint condition complete 6 piece table set! Beautiful superbly applied colorful iridescence on every piece. "Killer" investment grade set directly from our 2009, Colleywood Private Collection!!!!!

Smith" amethyst 6-8" ruffled advertising bowl in near mint undamaged condition! The pitcher has a couple of manufacturing issues, but is not physically damaged! This one has incredible iridescent coloring from top to bottom. It has very colorful & shiny iridescence both on the tankard & all matched tumblers. Fenton Dragon & Strawberry 9" ICS collar base bowl in nice rich marigold. The pitcher has a full radium finish shine throughout the tankard. The purple iridescence is combined with a yellow iridescence which dominates the tankard. You will search a long time to find one even comparable to this beauty. Has the desired ribbed back which has super radium shiny colorful iridescence on back! This is a "killer" investment grade example of highest quality. Item # 86-655-RE $ 750.00 plus ship Extremely rare! Near mint condition, with a tiny spot of missing iridescence on the underside of the spigot bottom. The last one to sell at a auction was down in Florida, and the entire spigot was completely missing and yet it sold for 00! Why spend ten years looking for another one, when this one is staring right back at you now!

Most of these rare pieces are of collector grade quality, and therefore, are offered for sale here as "" examples! Really colorful collector grade example that is really nice.

All are vintage old original 90-100 year old pieces that are way above the average quality typically found in the current carnival glass marketplace! The iridescent coloring is great all around the body of the vase.

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