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Ironically, while the Church might be expected to be pleased with supportive findings that the image on the Shroud cannot be the result of a "cunning painting" as some have suggested, that is not altogether the case.

Eighteen months ago, Cardinal Saldarini of Turin, the Pope's official custodian of the Shroud, formally requested the return of all Shroud samples on which any scientific work might be done.

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Although the Texas scientists who have tested the blood samples for the presence of human DNA have insisted that they have insufficient DNA to determine parentage, for example, and still less for the many of any science-fiction-type 'clone' of Jesus, the Vatican authorities appear to be taking no chances.

Clearly, the significance of any such DNA testing results hinges largely on the authenticity of the Shroud itself.

He reveals many of the problems and politics he personally encountered while studying the Shroud and discusses the role of religion and science and how each has impacted Shroud research.

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