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It starts out with basic profile information about you and what you’re looking for.

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Because they are in such short supply, sending or receiving a rose is a momentous occasion. Some features on Po F are available only to users of a certain gender.I was on the middle of conversation with someone and POF decided to delete my account. I’ve found that the guys on there Treat it like a cattle market , I was on there couple of years ago then came off because I’d had enough of it , then decided to go back on again 6 months ago & I found that some of the same guys still on there from my time previous , I think people tend to think “I’ll date her but someone else could be better on there “ people need to be honest about what they want just my opinion I FINALLY met my best match on POF, yes I tried all the other sites as well over a 10 year period: I paid, did the tests, tried other free sites, but I was smart by NOT deleting my Plenty of Fish account. because the same people on the other supposedly better online dating sites were also on POF as a back-up. You just might not be as hot as you delusionaly think you are if you need POF as a beauty contest that you would probably not win in real life.3) Then you have the type who have less than stellar looks becoming overnight narcissists due to the attention they are getting in an environment with a 7 to 1 male/female ratio. There are lots of guys who will tell you anything to get your cooperation. So keep it real.4) Then you have the insecure types that have an account to make their boyfriends jealous.I even went to a Professional matchup service, they wanted 00 just to get started, so I left. What it really boils down to about this site and dating sites in general , from a man's point of view(ladies I'm sure you have yours) is the following: 1) you have these rude over-the-hill heffers that are fakes or with unrealistic expectations that are a 4 or maybe a 5 holding out for a 10! 2) You have the type who is on here to see how much attention she can get for her looks. Keep looking, and you just might find your current boyfriend on here.5) And if they've been divorced, they've probably been slapped around quite a bit emotionally and/or physically and now have a twisted vendetta against men and delight in being rude or hostile to them, such as automatically blocking guys for no reason.6) Then we can't leave out the heffers looking for a boy toy.Gifts purchased with Goldfish credits are public and appear on the recipient’s profile for 3 weeks.Login points are earned automatically each day you sign into your account and can also be used to purchase virtual gifts.

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