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The trouble with this is that women find certain behavior attractive and some behavior repulsive or at least attraction killing. Since it’s all about letting her experience exciting feelings, me talking about Russian classics, doesn’t make her think sexy thoughts. Sure, you can have similarities, but your attitude should be masculine. It helps if you have a lot of women around that you’re just friends with. Plus, they will constantly give you good quality feedback on where you are in life, more so than your male friends. Send a box with her favorite candy and soda to her work.

Society today doesn’t encourage men to become confident men. It’s nice, sure, they appreciate it, sure, do they find it attractive? Attraction is about emotions, about getting physical. Also praise her body abundantly and with conviction. Having lots of women around will also make you less nervous around women. Have a clear idea of what kind of women you like and what kind of women you vibe with. She doesn’t want a guy who will let his life fall apart to go shopping with her or feed the ducks in the park.

The best way to do this is to use this technique called Fractionation. This is an “underground” technique which enables any man to create intense emotional rapport with any woman by going through a succession of techniques.

When used correctly, it gets a woman to feel emotionally “hooked” on you. The Female Loophole techniques work extremely fast – and this is the difference from other types of seduction tactics and concepts which often take months or even years to master (inner game, hypnosis, etc).

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So if you do fail to understand this article on Step By Step Seduction, dont fret. Well to begin with I can promise that I do so in a sportsmanlike manner and take all ...

So if it things don’t flow smoothly, things are not going according to the script that tells her ‘chemistry’ is happening. The healthier that relationship the easier it will be to build a healthy long lasting relationship with her. Find out what her one word is and if it’s compatible with yours. Read the book ‘your one word’ by Evan Carmichael to find out why this is so important. If she’s in a rotten mood and not even open to hugs, give her some space. She’ll tell you what was bothering her if you ask again later. Instead of being jealous don’t give her a reason to want sex with someone else: have goals in live and work on your potential, keep, her satisfied in bed, don’t ignore her, don’t fall into a dull routine, push her forward, don’t be threatened by her growth (surest way to drive her into the arms of an other guy). Women tend to have more stress from their husbands than from her children.

What women call ‘chemistry’ is the feeling of inevitable attraction and action. What they mean is that you shouldn’t try to impress them. Be responsible, if you want her to stick around 66.

If the two of you kissed she will look for reasons why it’s right to be kissing you. If nothing happens early on she will look for reasons as to why you are not the right guy for her. But say at least 5 positive things about her for every point of criticism. Even if it seems to you that nothing special happened, give her a recap.

Women see a relationship as something that just happens naturally, fast, something that overcomes them. If you’re considering to make her your wife, take a very close look at the relationship of her parents. Being jealous by itself is not going to keep her from sleeping with someone else if she really wants to. Lezen to take care of yourself and don’t be her grown up child. As long as you highlight all the good stuff about her, she will be open to listen to the stuff that bugs you. She will want to be part of your world and will be eager for news. Get separate bathrooms as soon as you can afford them.

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