Dating and marriage practices in greece Alive adult teen webcam

The greater the distance between cultures, the greater the challenges, commitment and change one would have to make in life.It requires understanding and it is best these couples enter into marriage with an open mind, and be ready to accept your partner for who she/he is and not what they have had before.As such these should be discussed and brought out in the open for the success of the marriage.Many of these cultural differences surface only when the couple decides to get married.I think that in this play marriage could be considered not only a bond between two people, but a marriage between the household and family as well.

Since in the play Haemon kills himself his mother, queen Eurydice full of grief, because of not only his death, but Antigone's as well, kills herself.When planning the wedding the bride and the groom to be, try to merge in their own cultural values into the marriage ceremony.This is the beginning where ones cultural differences play an important role in their lives.If you consider the facts that both Antigone's pursuit for truth of her brother and her bond to Haemon were very important to her.One can see that upon her sentence of death, she brings down Haemon.

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