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Using the excuse of wanting to talk alone, Will breaks his promise and takes her to the Secret Sanctum.Gwen also uses the party as an opportunity to tell Layla what Will 'really' thinks of her, and Layla leaves the party in tears.He visits the Secret Sanctum and realizes that the Pacifier has been stolen, and that Gwen is the reincarnation the person who invented it in his father's high school yearbook.Meanwhile, the Commander and Jetstream arrive at Sky High.

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Their son, Will, tries to live up to the family name, but has yet to reveal such powers.

Will manages to cope through his school experience, spending all his time with his fellow sidekicks, and his best friend Layla, however, they suffer bullying from the students classified as "Hero".

Layla has the mysterious ability to manipulate plants; but as she refused to show it in Power Placement, she has also been ranked as a sidekick.

Will, when he hears what Gwen has done, breaks up with her the night before the dance, forces everyone out of the house just as his parents arrive.

He also tries to reconcile with Layla to no avail, and decides not to go to the dance after all.

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