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Fast and easy, our money transfer service all around the world is counted amongst the most reliable ones.With a network of over 4200 branches all over India, Muthoot Finance Ltd. Irrespective of the service being used by the sender, the recipient can get the money from any of our branches.Listed on both BSE and NSE, the company is registered with the RBI as a Systemically Important Non Deposit Taking NBFC. has been serving millions of underserved and unbanked Indians to bring them under the banking network by providing them with easy Gold Loans. Muthoot Finance, today, has a presence across India and abroad through its network of 4200 branches, 60% of which are located in Tier III to Tier VI cities. Our hassle-free and least documentation systems allow us to clear loans over the counter quickly.The average ticket size of our loans is around Rs 30,000/- to Rs 40,000/- only, helping us serve the unbanked masses in rural, semi urban and urban areas of the country. This is what makes the Muthoot Finance Gold Loans truly a customer’s delight!Being an organisation focused on serving the customers’ needs & financial inclusion of the unbanked masses, Muthoot Finance has revolutionised the borrowing mechanisms by making it extremely easy for our customers to take loans. Our pioneering steps in the realm of Gold Loans have transformed the very concept of Gold Banking.We changed the concept of Gold Loans from that of a ‘last resort’ or ‘desperate loan’ to a ‘need based product’.

The UAE operations of Muthoot Global commenced in the year 2002 and that of UK were started in 2007.We endeavour to continue our efforts in this direction while reshaping lives across India and helping a million dreams come true!Muthoot Global is the overseas initiative of the Muthoot Group with its operations across US, UK and UAE.And gradually we also succeeded in reshaping the model of Gold Loans into a ‘lifestyle banking product’, pervading them into the urban markets as well.Our diverse customer base comprises not just the underserved from rural corners of the country but also HNIs, Super HNIs and Big Borrowers.

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