Chronicles of a dating diva

Are guys more resilient or is another drive stronger than the sting of rejection? Not to be down on the guys but I’ve seen girls run after rejection like its free ice cream. But I can tell you I am not chomping at the bit to experience the ultimate rejection that all the little rejections have been building me up for. It doesn’t kill you, but you might learn how to box. Feel free to insert your curse word of choice.) Stronger for what? If I gave you the option between building your character through something really, really awful, or just having stuff work out, which would you choose? Bless the boys because they can go from one girl to the next and shake rejection off like water from a ducks back. ‘Oh, he/she cheated on me so I’m so much better equipped to handle future infidelity.’ The only thing made stronger here is my right leg as I kick your butt out the door. I refuse to embrace brokeness so that I can build the strength to be even broker.

Maybe I’ll meet someone excellent tomorrow and turn this into a blog about weddings (please God, PLEASE! But more likely I’ll keep plugging away and sharing ‘interesting’ stories. So the other day I’m sitting there watching a body language and truth decoding expert on the Steve Harvey TV show (#Dont Judge Me), and according to her the top lies people tell are: 1. The way you treat me lets me know if you love me long before you say the words. ‘Thou shalt not say you’ll call someone and then not do it.’ “I’ll call you.” Really boo? So I make a mental note, don’t fully concentrate on my Scandal reruns (what a waste), and devote my time to waiting for this call.

When she announced that she was putting together a small beta group to explore the mysteries of OK Cupid, I decided (after some dithering) to sign up.

Our first session found me and five other intrepid daters smiling nervously at each other and trying not to make eye contact as we video’d in from our various locations across the Goggle-sphere.

I bet you he’s on a date with someone else.” In comes a text.

Repeat after me, ‘Woosah.’ So the lesson this psycho chic is learning is this: Get out of your own head.

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