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You may need to say, "No, not yet." Here are some questions to consider: I'm 10 years old have the second latest model ( Samsung S 8 ) I think that its quite good seem all my friends have phones plus I travel quite alot so it good when you make la friend and keep in contact Age: I really don't think this matters as long as your nature and responsible them that's ok.

I have 2 younger siblings and I babysit them quite often so I need anything call my mum/dad etc and it's done Butt... I always feel left out at sleepovers and at school, basically everywhere im reminded I'm that person without a phone.

By the time I was 11 about 75% of my grade had phones, but by the time I was 12 the number rocketed to about 90-95%.

Anyway, all the kids in my grade that own devices are in something called a "fifth grade group chat." I'm pissed off because I don't have a phone, so I can't be in it.I always feel left out when my friends have sleepovers and every one of them has a i Phone and an i Pod.They have group conversations and I text them using my moms phone and she always tells me off for using it even if I'm doing something for her on the phone.if your like some of the other people don't have a phone have older siblings Parents: But they didn't get there phone till! BTW i have one sister, idk why she made account say she is 17 she is 15!Then I think they should have one or at least and i Pad for like school group chats etc I am 12 years old, on my sister's account. about 90% of my class has a phone, and I have to get into the AA program in my school to get one, while most kids get promised a DOG when they get into the program, yet many parents dont even CARE whether or not their kid gets into the AA program! I am 16 years old i have a phone but it is not all that good My family has prepaid i believe there's nothing wrong with it my 1st phone was a samsung Galaxy j1 it wasn't activated my 11 year old cousin has a Samsung galaxy on5 Its activated!

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