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It was an incredibly exciting season mostly due to weather events!

The Coles notes version includes late ice-off in May, the highest water levels since the 70’s in June, in July we experienced one of the most wicked wind storms we have ever seen, extreme heat and drought in August which led to evacuation due to wildfire in September. Highlights include a visit from Yamaha Canada who brought a new 25HP 4-stroke motor for us to test out, as well as a couple of their mechanics from Japan.

Of course we had to race one of our 25’s; and the four-stroke won by a hair!

Early June was monster Pike prime time and we will be sharing stories and photos on our gallery of several of these fine catches!

Show the younger set just how much fun seniors can have!

After the incredibly wild but brief windstorm in July, our previously flooded marina sustained some damage and many trees had come down in the area.

The instant support and assistance from our staff, our guests, and our neighbours to clean up afterwards was simply unbelievable.

At first I thought I was snagged but then I felt a solid pull on the line and a bit of head shake.

I started to reel in but the fish held fast, I knew I had something big!

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