Central dating online service

Enhanced “book detail” page to help students pinpoint the exact content they need for research or classwork — at both the chapter and subchapter level — and access it online or download it for later use.

Clear table-of-contents-level prompts for reading online or downloading, plus DRM-free chapters with file names that reflect the chapter title.

If you are an employer looking for the right talent, NCS is the right place to be looking in.

Register with us to make your job postings reach the widest network of job-seekers from across the country. Seek an appointment with experts providing career-related counselling.

Explore your options in depth to find out what’s right for you.

Plumbers, Electricians, Carpenters…among a range of options seek the specialised service you need by just looking them up on this platform.

If you have a specialised service, register with us to offer your expertise through NCS and expand your business.

And what if that platform provided access to more than a million ebooks, with 100,000 new titles added each year?

It’s all possible with Ebook Central from Pro Quest.

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