Carbon dating and the shroud of turin updating talent banks

Most skeptics think the image is not a burial shroud, but a painting and a pious hoax. In 1988, the Vatican allowed the shroud to be dated by three independent sources--Oxford University, the University of Arizona, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology--and each of them dated the cloth as originating in medieval times, around 1350.

The shroud allegedly was in a fire during the early part of the 16th century and, according to believers in the shroud's authenticity, that is what accounts for the carbon dating of the shroud as being no more than 650 years old.

Actually, it has two images, one frontal and one rear, with the heads meeting in the middle.

It has been noted that if the shroud were really wrapped over a body there should be a space where the two heads meet.

"I am not a believer, but I am first of all a curious person, and I like to investigate these mysteries, not necessarily related to religion," he said.

"It's not my fault if in Italy most of these paranormal facts are related to religion.

But John Paul II insisted it is important to learn lessons from the relic, whether or not it is genuine."Only a few very chosen persons have direct access to it," he said, adding he had relied on "the published data" about the relic.He is due to present his findings Saturday at a conference of the Italian Committee for the Investigation of Claims on the Paranormal.He dabbled on the project for years, he said, starting with handkerchief-size pieces of cloth and different combinations of acid and pigment, before making his shroud this summer.Now that he knows how to do it, he could make another one in about a week, he estimated.

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