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I usually enjoy travel shows, especially about the beaches, and i also somewhat enjoyed the Girls Next Store.

But put them together, and it just really did not work. There was usually another person on the "trip" with her, but that person was always changing, even several times in one episode, to the point that it was annoying. Another thing was that she seemed honestly fake in her enthusiasm. Her and whoever her random "friend" were seemed to be the only people dressed in such skimpy, gaudy outfits, especially in places like Croatia.

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Hefner is survived by four children including son Cooper (left in 2014), who is the chief creative officer of Playboy, and daughter Christie Hefner (right), who was president of the company from 1982-2008On Wednesday night, as news of Hefner's death began to circulate, mourners began to gather at the gates of his Playboy Mansion to pay their last respects."But I'm not sure, she must be referring to the first book that Holly wrote, not the one that's coming out right now. I asked her, she hasn't read it." Bridget and Kendra recently reunited during an episode of "Kendra On Top," where Wilkinson admitted that she may have misjudged their friendship after they left the Playboy mansion."You know, I did have—as we all did, probably, a hard time transitioning into like a world outside the mansion," Kendra told her.I feel like this show would have been directed towards someone in my age group, but i just wasn't into it.People watching the Travel Channel want more information and less boobs.

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