Blow chatting job oral sex

Take him to the edge then bring him back from the brink to get him revved up and eager for more.

Lick, suck and play with his erect penis using your tongue don't be shy to make eye contact too.

Remember when it comes to sucking him off, teeth are never welcome.

One thing men don’t like is mechanical oral sex, performed without passion.

I was the last to select my penile produce so I got stuck with this monster that was practically the size of my forearm.

Sasha showed us a few pre-game techniques to get our guys all hot and bothered—and then encouraged us to go to town on the cucumbers ourselves.

She was super approachable and friendly, answered all of our weird questions and seemed like someone you'd actually be friends with.

Would you ever consider attending a party like this with your gal pals? Do you think you could learn something from a Blow by Blow party?

I came away with a whole new arsenal of oral sex tips, which I'll share with you dolls over the next few days.

He wants to know that you're enjoying it as much as him, so vary your rhythm, speed and intensity.

Try gently caressing his testicles and then try upping the pace for a few strokes.

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