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Sara Rosso, former Silicon Valley resident, picked up and moved to Italy where she works as a full-time digital strategist and blogs about cooking, exploring and tasting new specialties in and around Italy.Founder Angela Matusik, frustrated by the economics of traditional print media, decided to take publishing matters into her own hands. The Q writes about politics, religion, and other important (and not so important) topics with reckless abandon.Escape From Corporate America chronicles the reasons why women are abandoning big companies to strike out on their own. Fashionologie is the musings of a twenty-something American girl who wishes she could have a Freaky Friday incident and switch bodies with Carine Roitfeld. She selflessly tests beauty products and writes about their shortcomings and virtues…all to save you time and money. Sandra Mendoza-Daly is a freelance fashion and lifestyle writer with a blog that emphasizes the joys of vintage fashion.Several business women contribute regularly to this blog about money management. This daughter-mother team stays plugged-in so you don’t have to. Stark but style infused blog written by three friends who are all obsessed with interior design.In a review of this blog, Business Week called Penelope’s writing “poetic.” A group of women bloggers write on how to market to women online.

Her career advice appears in more than 200 newspapers and magazines including Time magazine, San Francisco Chronicle and Boston Globe.Women are a force to be reckoned with in both business and the blogosphere.In honor of these hardworking and insightful ladies, I’ve compiled a list of the Top 100 Must Read Blogs by Women. Head on over to our 101-essential-blogging-resources where we recommend some great tools and resources required to start your own money making blog. – you will want to check out the award-winning Small Business Big Vision – Lessons on how to dominate your market by self-made entrepreneurs who did it right.Her goal is to educate coaches, athletes, parents and other physical therapists on the appropriate application of resistance training techniques for health and performance.She’s a certified personal trainer with NASM, fitness junkie, and mom. 0 Processed Foods.” Liz Strauss works with businesses, universities, and individuals on their products and social web strategies.

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