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I really like her, but I don't want to keep setting things up if she really doesn't have interest.

i had a massive fight with my girlfriend friday afternoon.

Its going to depend on whether you've established dominance in the relationship.

And if she complained why I just left it and didn't contact her I would respond with "I was ready to talk to you when this first happened but you weren't receptive. So I needed time to evaluate things b/w us." Now she may either blow up on you or become very apologetic at this.The Ball Is In HER Court is a networking brunch series curated to celebrate and empower women of color in Sports & Entertainment.100% of donations recieved on Go Fund Me will be donated to Safe Horizon.I ain't got energy for no silent treatment cold war.If the two of you can't discuss your issues in a civil manner like adults I've got some bad news.

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