Awstats stopped updating cpanel

Checking this log frequently can help keep your site running smoothly." What this means is when your site is visited by someone, the server receives a request from that visitors browser and location to your server.When the visitor hits a section of your website and they cause an error, the error log will log the date, time, IP , page the error occurred and so forth.Then, any errors will be logged within a file labeled error_log in the same directory that the script produced the error.For more information, see our full guide on How to Display and log errors for PHP.

This interface improved when Carlos Rego Hosting Wizards created what became the default theme of c Panel.

In this article, we will review how to view your error logs for both Apache and PHP from within c Panel.

For more information, we have a full guide that also lists the locations of c Panel logs for access, Apache, email, error, ftp, mysql, and WHM.

Within the file, you will see each error that was logged on a separate line.

First, it will list the date and time that the error was produced, then the actual error.

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