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The To Do List is the writing and directorial debut for Maggie Carey, wife of Bill Hader(who also stars in the film with a hilarious trailer ending scene).Opening on July 26, this ‘90s-based teen comedy looks to give a new female spin on a tried and true classic tale of sexual a straight-A virgin fresh out of high-school, The To-Do List follows her quest to make it to college as a seasoned veteran of the bedroom.Shoving aside the fact that you’ve got a bunch of late-20s playing college freshman, this movie is filled with a fantastic supporting cast that includes Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development) as the grounded friend, Donald Gloverrocking a hilariously awesome ‘90s get-up, Rachel Bilson as the experienced older sister and plenty of other brilliant comedic actors like Andy Samberg, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and more.It’s not a surprise that Hader’s among the cast, since his wife Maggie Carey wrote the script and is planning to make it her film-directing debut.Plaza will play an academically driven young woman who is about to head to college.Having realized that she’s missed out on the romantic and sexual rites of passage that most of her peers experienced in high school, she makes a bullet-point list of risque activities to accomplish before she sets off to college.

If the group is going to complete the list by September they'll need plenty of imagination and very open minds."I think that the movie is just a great, honest portrayal of teenagers that live in an era without Google and have to really learn about awkward sexual things through experience, through talking with each other, figuring it out the old-fashioned way," said Plaza at the film's red carpet premiere at the Regency Bruin Theatre on Tuesday night.Set in 1993, The To Do List exists in a bubble worth recalling: a time without cellphones, sexting, Facebook or even the Internet. So the comedic tension is always there." "Everything was done for comedy's sake," added Plaza, who recalled shooting the sex scenes as "awkward but there was totally a light feeling (on set)." Carey says she wrote the part for Plaza, but was sold when she heard the actress deliver a line about a particularly blush-inducing act with "this perfect naivete." Andy Samberg plays a musician found in a compromising position with Klark.With all the sexting going on and stuff you can see — there was another time when people actually conversed." Moments later, an excited fan cut in and asked Bilson if she would take "a selfie together." "Speaking of! What was important to writer/director Maggie Carey (married to Bill Hader, who stars as a burnt-out boss employing Klark at the local pool) is that "Brandy Clark is always in control," Carey said. And it's to (have sex)." With The To Do List chock-full of '90s memorabilia, the cast recounted their favorite items from the throwback set: "I was obsessed with Caboodles," said Bilson. It brought me back to 90210 and all those girls I idolized as a young girl." "Definitely the Trapper Keeper," said Carey."Because that one I couldn't afford in high school." Plaza went for accessories. "The home phone line was prime territory," said Scott Porter, who plays the hot pool lifeguard Klark's got her eye on for her final conquest.

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