Asus updating ata firmware

I thought it had something to do with ensuring that you are installing a genuine ASUS firmware.

That is, something that would prevent you from installing third-party or open source router firmware, like DD-WRT or Tomato.

Hopefully, you haven’t thrown out all your old routers, but before you begin, it’s a good idea to make sure they work (oh, and do you still have the right power supply for them? Connect to your router over a wired or wireless connection. If that doesn’t work, try typing in your router’s IP address (usually

Log into your router using your administrator credentials.

When the manufacturer finds out about a security vulnerability, they’ll often fix it as part of a firmware patch. Recently I picked up a new wireless router, the ASUS RT-AC3200.

Anyone know how to fix this or another way to install firmware?

Keep an eye out for the “Security Updates” section. If your ASUS router isn’t detecting the firmware update already and you know one’s out there (for example, you downloaded it from the ASUS website), you can check for a newer version by clicking Check, or you can manually upload a firmware file you downloaded from ASUS.

Just make sure the firmware you are uploading is legit from the actual ASUS support site.

If you’ve forgotten your credentials, try the default: Username: Just kidding the default password is “admin.” But seriously, you should change it like right now if you haven’t yet.

Go to Advanced Settings then Administration then System and put in your new username and password.

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