Arc error while updating

We have a tendency to be the master of our device and want to know every bit of the handset.Unexpected errors ruin that experience and it is just frustrating to experience these errors.To check the current versions run the following commands: before these terminal commands on OSX.

If Studio failed to update due to a "Cannot complete the install because of a conflicting dependency" error, try running Studio with elevated privileges, i.e.

as Administrator on Windows or using sudo on *nix system, and then update again.

For more details on the issue, please see It can also happen in a few other circumstances: These are errors that occur when starting Studio and you see a pop-up yellow toast indicating "SDK Updates Available" or you manually choose Check for Titanium Updates or Check for Appcelerator Updates in the Help menu.

Android Apps are most commonly downloaded from the Google Play Store with the help of Wi-Fi or Cellular Data. Mostly the errors come in during the download or update or installing time.

Error 495 occurs when the user isn’t being able to download or install an app over Wi-Fi, but the user is able to do the same thing over cellular data.

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