Apple mail inbox not updating

In 99% of cases, this actually fixes the issue, albeit temporarily, but I find it to be the least invasive workaround.Sometimes the problem can be due to a hiccup in your internet connection or your connection to the server.Here are some things you can try: What seems to work best for me when an inbox will display that error message is to send an email from that account.Because the issue is that Mail can’t fetch new emails, but it certainly can send new ones created by you.Most of the time when an email inbox that normally works just fine experiences an issue where it displays the “Cannot Get Mail” error message, it’s going to be related to a hiccup in the internet connection or email server.In these cases, the fix is simply worked around with persistence.We’ll start with the easiest and work our way down to the most complicated.We suggest starting small and working your way down the list so you don’t exert more energy than necessary to solve the problem with your email refreshing.

The default email application that comes installed on i Phones is useful, and it is easy to configure for all the free accounts available.”The problem can be annoying; sometimes it may be an issue with your email settings, and sometimes it may just be a hiccup with the email server or internet connection you have established.In this tutorial, we’ll go over some troubleshooting steps to get your email inbox to refresh as you would expect it to.This is a best-case scenario, and is easily worked around by simply pulling down in your inbox to refresh your content.Sometimes the problem could be related to a glitch in the Mail app itself.

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