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Tell him to get Oliver T’sien on the next flight to London.”1The director then declared, “We need to give these beauties the grand tour.

We’re going to start out with an exhibition in Geneva, then London, then at our Rockefeller Center showroom in New York.

Between Oslo and the Swedish border lies this diverse and exciting region – Inner Østfold.As staffers scurried around unrolling the scrolls, they discovered twenty-four pieces, each almost seven feet tall and in immaculate condition.Placed side by side, they spanned thirty-seven feet, almost filling the floor space of two workrooms.At last, the senior specialist could confirm that this was undoubtedly the mythical work described in all the classical Chinese texts he had spent much of his career studying.The Palace of Eighteen Perfections was an opulent eighth-century imperial retreat in the mountains north of modern-day Xi’an.

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