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In 1993 he recorded a duet with Filipino singer Regine Velasquez entitled "It's Hard to Say Goodbye," included in her album, Reason Enough.This song was re-recorded several years later by Anka and Celine Dion and was included in his album A Body of Work. The couple married the following year in a ceremony at Paris-Orly Airport.On that occasion, the same title was interpreted by Italian crooner Johnny Dorelli.The pair of singers, however, were eliminated before the final stage of the competition.[ Anne (The Day That I Met Anne) - Pluie Sur Paris (You're Lookin' At Me) - En Ce Jour D'Anniversaire (Happy Birthday) – Les Filles De Paris – C'est Pour Ca Que Je Chante - Hello Jim (Hello Jim) ].

His official discography reports nine singles released by RCA Italiana, He returned to San Remo in 1968 with "La farfalla impazzita" by Battisti-Mogol.In an interview with NPR's Terry Gross in 2005, he stated that it was to a girl at his church whom he hardly knew.15, making him (at 17) one of the biggest teen idols of the time.In the 1960s, Anka began acting in motion pictures as well as writing songs for them, most notably the theme for the hit film The Longest Day (which also was the official march of the Canadian Airborne Regiment), in which he made a cameo appearance as a US Army Ranger.For his film work he wrote and recorded one of his greatest hits, "Lonely Boy." He also wrote and recorded "My Home Town," which was a 8 pop hit for him the same year.

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