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Thao's family is grateful towards Walt's actions that saved Thao from a life in the gang.

Walt takes it upon himself to set Thao on the right path.

This use of music indicated to the audience that Walt was about to undertake something important.

The military drum beat also brings to mind a sense of patriotism that Walt has towards his country. Good day, pusscake." As the film progresses, Walt gradually succeeds in toughening Thao up.

Thao's character at the beginning of the film is a passive one. Some of the issues discussed in the movie are that of racism, multiculturalism and religion.He has 7 children from 5 different women where only 2 of whom, each were at one point his wife.In December 2008, Gran Torino was released and distributed by Warner Brothers.He later goes on to to help toughen Thao up by teaching him how to "talk like a man".Walt even goes so far as to help Thao secure a job at a construction site and purchase tools for him to kickstart his independence.

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