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A major application for RNase A is the removal of RNA from preparations of plasmid DNA.For this application, DNase free RNase A is used at a final concentration of 10 μg/m L.These documents are located on the product detail page under Useful Links & Tools.Click on the following link to search for a Certificate of Analysis.There is no need to give up on love, as singles in their fifties meet online every day. Are you in the prime of your life, 50 years old or older?

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• RNase protection assays• Remove unspecifically bound RNA• Analysis of RNA sequences• Hydrolyze RNA contained in protein samples• Purification of DNA RNase A is an endoribonuclease that attacks at the 3’OHphosphate of a pyrimidine nucleotide.

The sequence of p G-p G-p C-p A-p G will be cleaved to give p G-p G-p Cp and A-p G.

The highest activity is exhibited with single stranded RNA.

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