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Delete their number, unfollow, defriend, and do everything possible to avoid them until you’re fully over them.

Maybe they weren’t over their ex yet or have commitment issues, whatever the excuse, remember that it’s not all about you – and you’re better off without them!

Try to avoid haunting – checking out their social media or frequenting their favourite coffee shop – it’ll only stop you from moving on.

These kinds of behaviours take up space in your mind, leave you fixated on your ghost and place more importance on them than they deserve.

Being ghosted after exchanging a few messages or going on a couple of dates can sting, but being a victim of ghosting when you’re in an established, monogamous relationship can be devastating. It’s all too easy to spiral into overthinking, wondering what you did wrong; was it something you said, something you wore, did you come across as clingy?

If you’ve been a victim of ghosting, the first stage in recovery is to accept it.

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