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), as we ‘re all MINISTERS, we’re all MISSIONARIES, and we’re also ALL full-time Christian workers!!

We hope to release people into a deeper and more culturally relevant Biblical understanding of what it is to be SENT OUT in 21st Century Britain, and beyond.Today notes are by Harisfazillah Jamel of Malaysia.All about computers and Internet, Open Source Free BSD and Linux. HP-UX and SUN are among the operating system I used to work with. We must do our best, because we are the best, going to be the best, best of the best.Here at Sector Net, we are a network of Christians championing an expression of the Kingdom of God in the various sectors of society/community, and we’re trying to be as inclusive as The Bible allows us to be.We have identified 7 key areas or GATEWAYS into our 21st Century British Culture, as below, and we are simply seeking to provide opportunities for people to connect in diverse ways as we HEAD INTO them as the people of God, A HOLY NATION and a ROYAL PRIESTHOOD.

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