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Most employers will not refuse to consider you again if you turned down an offer.

After all, you were good enough for them to want to hire last time, so there’s a good chance that you will be again.

This is the only phone interview applicants receive. It’s a bad use of the hiring manager’s time (he’s going to be calling lots of people he can’t reach), and it’s rude and inconsiderate to candidates (who may be in the grocery store or or walking into a meeting or taking care of a child or so forth). How many times can you turn down offers before a company will stop interviewing you?

I’ve had a phone interview and have been asked to interview in person at a new company.

I don’t want to pay for her to be there, and I don’t want to make her think she ranks as a “close friend” in my life. I actually think that part will be easily handled, if a little awkward for a minute, but that it’s the rest of her behavior is more problematic, particularly that the more you pull back, the more she presses in.

It might make sense to have a frank conversation with her (sort of like the one described here).

When I started at my company a couple years ago, a coworker, “Sally,” invited me to do social things outside of work.

We went out for drinks a few times and even did an all-day girls day where I ended up crashing on her couch.

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I will say, though, that if a candidate turned down an offer twice, I’d be skeptical that it would go any differently if we got a third application from them.

But given her behavior, you might be better off just continuing to be consistently polite but distant, not accepting any of her invitations, and hoping that she’ll eventually back off. Calling candidates without warning for surprise phone interviews Our department has been growing rapidly this past year, and we’ve been scrambling to hire a number of new specialized analysts.

As part of the interview process, the hiring manager cold calls applicants who have sent in cover letters and resumes.

I went on a doctor-approved diet that involved no alcohol, and she pushed hard to get me to drink with her.

She continually treated me like a therapist and complained about everything and constantly asked for my verbal validation, but she never expressed any interest in my life.

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