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The adult male form of the MSI II (2000) is an expanded version of the Original MSI (1984).

It is designed to measure the sexual characteristics of sex offenders or alleged sex offenders.

In addition to the core scales of the Original MSI, the MSI II has additional reliability/validity, psychosexual, behavioral and accountability measures.

The MSI II was under development for intensive 10 years. An extensive report of the MSI II psychometric properties is provided.

In addition, there are new measures including behavioral scales such as ADHD, OD, Societal Adjustment and Victimization History.

Other scales were modified to better address the needs of adolescents and some scales which address issues primarily for adults were dropped.

Research has demonstrated that women with BPD tend to have more negative attitudes about sex.

Special norms for this version have been developed.

The adolescent male form of the MSI II (2001) is patterned after the adult male MSI II version and almost all of the scales developed for the it have been included in the adolescent male version.

Internal consistency coefficients and a large geographic sample have been obtained.

The adolescent female form of the MSI II (1995) contains most of the basic scales found in the other forms of the MSI II instruments.

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