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Latex allergens may be absorbed by glove powder which may become airborne causing allergic reactions to sensitive individuals.Symptoms may include: itchiness and inflammation of the eyes; eyelid swelling; runny nose; shortness of breath or asthma; dizziness and rapid heartbeat.In sensitive individuals, a rash appears within 96 hours of exposure.Skin may become dry, red, crusted and thickened with hard bumps, sores and, sometimes, blisters.

A group of us got to talking in Edinburgh about the dog-related laws of their own countries, and what a range of regulations we found.

Once the apples are soft, drain them and put them through a Foley Food Mill.

I’d never heard of one until my friend loaned me one, and what a difference they make! The skins and seeds are retained in the top and the soft cooked apple comes out the bottom. Stir every hour or so, and once it’s about half the size it was it’s ready to be put into jars as Apple Butter Sauce.

What are the health effects associated with latex allergy?

Immune response caused by repeated contact with an allergy-producing substance.

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