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I've made it way past that one time, but it was so obvious the girl liked me I didn't have to even work at it at all.

Now I feel clueless about how to proceed in a courtship.

Women should use the same guidelines to accept a request for a second date.

If you plan on asking for a second date, do so within two days of the first date.

If you don't have a strongly negative reaction to your date, we recommend that you ask her out again, for a slightly longer second date.

All of the questions we have suggested will help each of you learn a little bit of the other person's history and how he or she feels and thinks.You can even tell your date in advance that this is the time frame you feel a first date should follow.This gives the two of you a chance to feel more comfortable in each other's presence, minimizes awkward silences, and gives you something to build on for your second date.Instead, talk about what it was like growing up in your hometown, what you like about the neighborhood in which you live, whether or not you've ever been to Israel and describe your experiences, or a hobby that interests you a great deal (including how you first became interested, what you have created or spent your time doing in connection with the hobby, your feelings when you work on a project).Don't spend more than 10 minutes discussing your job, and don't go into long, boring details about the intricacies of your job description.

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