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Amy and her brother even hung out with the ship’s band, Blue Orchid, long into the night. Amy’s father had seen his 23-year-old daughter sleeping on the deck right outside their bedroom sometime between and a.m. The panicked father ran to the captain and told them that they needed to lock the ship down, that his daughter was missing. Their first thought was that Amy might have fallen overboard by mistake or else…jumped.She partied with one of the band’s member’s, Alister Douglas, until around 1 a.m. Amy had been having some trouble with the boat rocking back and forth on the waves since they had left Aruba and decided to stay out on the balcony of their suite to get some fresh air. He begged them not to put the gangplank down, begged them to back the ship off the dock so that no one could get off. Many people did indeed wonder if perhaps Amy had taken her own life.The family had boarded the Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Rhapsody of the Seas, in Florida and were now bound for the tropical paradise of the Caribbean. As per her fear of water, Amy was reluctant to walk up next to the railing, but with the help of her brother and father, she was able to overcome even that. After all, it offered plenty of fun distractions for a young lady like Amy. The first three days of the cruise were some of the best of the Bradleys’ lives. The purser didn’t broadcast the first page for Amy until 10 minutes to that morning.The nights were full of great music, laughter, and drinking. By that time, most of the passengers had disembarked for the day. The crew combed through all 10 decks, tossed all 999 rooms, and found nothing. After it was all said and done, they could find no trace of the 23-year-old.After a bit of prodding and convincing however, Amy’s mother, Iva, had finally persuaded her to join the family on their upcoming cruise to the Caribbean…Despite Amy’s butterflies, the vacation was starting out to be one of the Bradley’s best.The decades-old building can house 2,000 students but currently about 600 are educated there now.Clifton said the building's layout creates issues."It's not a safe and secure place because of all kinds of hallways and all kinds of rooms and doorways," he said.

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Kansas City Public Schools Superintendent Stephen Green pledged to do whatever it takes to ensure students are safe."I want to say as a leader of this school district I will not stop until it is stopped," he said.The school, which was previously known as Southwest High School, serves students from seventh to 12th grades.The girl told her parents that she didn't tell them sooner because she feared her father "would attempt to handle the situation himself and get into trouble," according to the police report.By the next morning, Amy was gone, leaving her family to wonder, ‘how could she have possibly vanished from on board a cruise ship? Pleasure cruises are perhaps one of the most common and sought after vacations available. That is, except for a number of crimes that most cruise lines would rather not admit happen often.One such incident occurred in March, 1998, when the Bradley family set sail from Puerto Rico. Pretty, outgoing and athletic, Amy was a trained lifeguard but was also terrified of going out onto the open ocean.

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